Kerri Doherty Geeks All Over Everyone

If you’re looking to see a show, get your ass to Brooklyn and see a Kerri Doherty joint. She is a storyteller, she writes for the blog F*cked In Park Slope, and is host of the new comedy show Geeking Out, as well as the open mic storytelling show I Like You Maude. She works [...]

Always a Winner, Steve Zimmer

Steve Zimmer is just a great storyteller. No one can argue that. NO ONE! He has won nineteen Moth StorySLAMs and two GrandSLAMs. And as Steve sadly brags, “I was a runner-up seven times.” He is sardonically witty and awkwardly charming. We love laughing at his foibles. Trust us, there are many, all funny.

Steve, [...]

A Special Occasion with Dana Rossi

Dana Rossi is a writer, storyteller and the host of the critically acclaimed monthly storytelling show Soundtrack Series and recently had an essay published in the book Madonna and Me.
Soundtrack Series features storytellers, writers, comedians and musicians where stories are based on a song of their choosing. The show is an emotional thrill ride; [...]

Sunsets and Sweatpants with Juliet Hope Wayne

We couldn’t wait to have Juliet Hope Wayne on Ask Me, we were like, “OMG, What is she going to do?” Then we were like, “Does it matter? It’s going to be amazing.” And it was. Juliet’s stories take you for a whirl, the hilarious and atrocious kind. She is a Moth GrandSlam winner, was [...]

Sexual Healing With Jefferson

We asked Jefferson to be on our Porno show. Because he just gets it. (Porn, that is.) Jefferson is a writer, storyteller and host of the popular and crazy amazing storytelling shows Bare! and Spill! You can check out his blog,, which talks about his life as a perv.  We like to go [...]

Here Goes Erin Barker

We loved having Erin Barker on Ask Me: Dark Things back in January. Erin is the Co-Host/Co-Producer of the storytelling show Story Collider, is a Moth GrandSlam winner and all around great human. She can take simple anger, process it, tear it up, then craft it into a story that is painful, moving, and really [...]

Andy Ross in the City.

Andy, you are so busy. Out there like Sarah Jessica Parker. Doin it. What are you working on?
I’m working on my show, Real Characters, which takes up more of my time than I expected. But, boy howdy, has that become a great show! My producer Ann Marie and I pull our hair put putting [...]

Robin’s So Sweet

Robin Gelfenbien is a comedian, writer and storyteller. She has been touring her hilarious one person show “My Salvation has a First Name: A Weinermobile Journey” around the country and has just launched her new storytelling show, “Yum’s the Word” with Michelle Markowitz. Apparently the cakes are WORLD FAMOUS! Really? World Famous?

Ask Me: Robin, you [...]

Jim O’Grady on work, off work.

Jim O’Grady is a writer, storyteller (StorySlam and GrandSlam winner of The Moth) and reporter for WNYC. He’s also worked as a reporter for The New York Times, a professor of journalism at NYU and research director at The Center for an Urban Future, a policy think tank. When you’re lucky, you can hear his [...]

NYC with Greg Walloch

Greg is a writer, performer and co-host of the fantastic variety show Pitch!. He’s performed on The Moth: West Village Stories, Kurt Anderson’s Studio 360, and The Howard Stern Show. His solo show, “F*ck the Disabled” has toured internationally. He’s charming, witty and has an indefinably dulcet voice that would have you believe he was [...]