Mark Allen

Mark Allen is a writer, storyteller and comedian as well as a DJ at WFMU. He is also the co-host of a show called Pitch! We were so happy to have him on our May Perform! show.

Ask Me: Hi Mark–You were so great on the show!

Mark Allen: Thanks! Had a blast…

AM: Tell us, who do you like better, Cammi or David?

MA: In life or in bed? It’s all good!

AM: Just Kidding.

MA: Oh.

AM: There were some pretty serious early 90’s fashion moments in your story. Is that something that you’ve had to come to terms with?

MA: I can’t figure out what the 90’s meant style-wise. The preceeding decades seem so boldly defined. All that pops into my head when I think “The 90’s” is that whole “Talk to the hand!” thing. And yes, I’m still trying to come to terms with that phrase.

AM: How do you feel about nudity?

MA: In my 20’s getting nude was so liberating… whether it was while dancing on bar tops, frying bacon, trimming the cat’s nails, installing fiberglass insulation, or tutoring small children. But now that I’m older, well… until they invent life-size, real-time, 3D Photo-shopping, I’m keeping my clothes on, thank you very much!

AM: YES! I saw you do a story at the Risk! show about driving nude! You have just proven that you answer questions honestly. From your answer, it sounds like you have a lot of different skills / talents. Is there one that gives you a sense of inner peace?

MA: Giving my fellow man a hand, or telling him to talk to it.

(homepage photo of Mark Allen by Lindsey Bourque)

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